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The TIMU calendar displays all events you have been invited to or have accepted an invitation to (but not events that are canceled, or events for which you have declined the invitation) in a convenient month-by-month layout. Week and day views are also available.

To change the view type, click the “Change” button and select a different view type.

To advance forward or backward in months/weeks/days, click the arrow buttons to the left and right of the month (or week/day if using a different view type) label.

To create a new private event, click the “New Private Event” button. You can also create a new private event on a specific day by double-clicking in the blank space within that day’s cell on the calendar. (Similarly, on the week and day views you can create new events at a specific time by double-clicking on a blank spot in the timeline.)

To access an existing event, click on the event’s name on the calendar. A pop-up will appear with various options related to the event. If you are an event owner, you can edit or cancel the event from this pop-up. To view the event’s details, click the “Details” button. To join the event’s video call, click the “Join” button. You will be taken to the video call lobby.

On the calendar month view, if there are more than five events on a given day, you can view any additional events by clicking the “More” at the bottom of the calendar cell.