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Event creation

Before creating a TIMU event, decide whether the event should be a private event, or a space event.

Private events are created through the TIMU calendar app, are not associated with a specific space. Events can also be created from within a space. If an event is created within a space, anyone with access to the space will be able to join the event or add themselves as an attendee.

You will be prompted to specify a name for the event, a list of attendees to send invitations to (if the event is a private event), a start and end time and date, a time zone, and to choose whether the event will recur. To make a recurring event, from the dropdown labeled “Never Repeat”, choose the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). On the recurrence details popup, specify when the event will recur and when the event series will terminate (if at all).

You can also specify an event location and description. A default description is provided, and can be amended or replaced as necessary.

Finally, choose whether the event will be in-person only, a video call, or a recorded video call. If the event is in-person only, attendees will not be able to join a video call for the event. If the event is set to recorded video call, the event will be recorded and transcribed.