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File preview

The file preview screen allows you to view (and, in some cases, modify) a file without having to download it to your computer or mobile device.

At the top of the file preview screen are a number of primary functions. First, you can return to your previous location by clicking the left-arrow icon. The share icon allows you to share the file with a special link, or copy the file to another TIMU location. If the file is a markdown file, clicking the “Edit” button will allow you to make changes to the document. The “Download” button will begin downloading the file to your computer. The “Close” button will return you to your previous location.

The main area of the screen is the file preview itself. The contents vary depending on the file type. Some documents are live-editable (Microsoft Office documents, Google Docs, etc.) while other document types are read-only (image files, PDFs, etc.).

On the right-hand side of the screen are two tabs associated with the file: “Comments” and “Versions”. The “Comments” tab functions like most chat feeds in TIMU, allowing you to discuss the file with others who have access. The “Versions” tab lists all versions of the file since it was originally uploaded in TIMU. Hovering over a file version will show a download icon and a tag icon. Clicking the download icon will download that version of the file to your computer. Clicking the tag icon will open the file tagging dialog, allowing you to add tagging metadata to that version of the file for categorization purposes.

To rename or delete a file, click the triple-dot icon to the right of the file’s name. This will open the file’s context menu, containing additional actions you can perform on the file.