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Workspace permissions

To manage a Workspace’s permissions, hover over the Workspace’s name in the Teams list and click the triple-dot icon that appears. From the context menu, select Manage Permissions.

The contents of the Manage Workspace Permissions dialog will differ depending on whether the Workspace is a private Workspace or a Team-wide Workspace.

Private Workspaces

Private Workspaces have individual permissions management. Each member of the Workspace is listed along with their permissions level. To change permissions, select a new permissions level from the drop-down menu and click “Save”. To remove members from the Workspace, click their remove icon, then click “Save”. It is not possible to remove yourself from the Workspace, or to modify your own permissions level.

To add new members to the Workspace, click “Add From Team”. You will be prompted to select other members from the Team to add to the workspace. Click “Continue” when finished, verify the newly-added members’ permission levels, and then click “Save” to save your changes.

Finally, you have the option of converting the Workspace into a Team-wide Workspace. To do so, click “Make It Public”.

Team-wide Workspaces

Team-wide Workspaces inherit their permission levels from the Team they belong to. Team owners have administrator permissions within the Workspace, and Team members have contributor permissions within the Workspace. To modify the membership of a Team-wide Workspace, you must modify the membership of the Team it belongs to. You can click “Team Membership” to go directly to the Team Membership dialog.

SEE: Team Membership

You also have the option of converting the Team-wide Workspace to a private Workspace. If you do so, Team members will no longer have access to this Workspace unless they are added to it. To convert the Workspace, click “Make It Private”.