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Card details

A task’s details screen include the fields and values associated with the task, the task’s comments thread, the task’s attachments, and the history of that task.

Task fields

These fields represent the details of the task itself. The fields that appear here are determined by the Tasks module’s field configuration. The values of these fields can be modified from this screen, and changes are automatically saved and recorded in the task’s history.


The task comments screen works in much the same way that chats and comments work throughout TIMU. The comment history is preserved, and you can scroll through it to review the conversation. You can react to individual messages by clicking the thumbs-up emoji icon, and selecting a reaction from the pop-up that appears. If you want to delete one of your own messages, click the triple-dot icon that appears when you hover over a message and select “Delete”.

To send a message, type your message in the reply box at the bottom of the feed and press Enter or click the “Send” button. As with all chat features in TIMU, you can attach files, share external links, and mention other users in the event with the @mention feature. If you want to make sure that someone sees your comment, @mention them. The user you mention will receive a notification about your comment that they can follow directly into the task.

If any users are currently viewing this task, their profile pictures will appear to the left of the “Send” button.

All comments posted to a task will “roll up” to the Workspace’s Posts module, appearing with a different background color and an annotation identifying the task the comment belongs to.


The task attachments screen works like a simple file library, displaying a list of all files attached to the task (whether attached to a comment in the task’s comment feed, or attached directly to the task’s attachments tab). You can click a file to preview that file, or click the Upload button to attach a file from your computer directly to the task’s attachments tab.


The task history screen displays a chronological record of all updates made to the task since its creation, including the date of the change, the field(s) modified, and the user who made the change.