Infinite possibilities with TIMU PowerBoards

Bring your ideas to life

Discover unparalleled collaboration with TIMU PowerBoards. Transform your ideas into reality within an entirely immersive and cooperative space. Seamlessly integrate TIMU PowerBoards into your workflow, whether through TIMU Spaces or your preferred calendaring tool, for a truly enhanced collaborative experience.

TIMU Powerboards - Infinite possibilities
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Brainstorm visually

A versatile, web-based workspace that enables real-time collaboration, allowing users to create, edit, and share content seamlessly.

Present the way you want to

Whether you're having a jam session, presenting a deck, hosting a traditional video conference, or creating pages, you can present like a pro.

Create with powerful tools

Structure and annotate the canvas using a variety of shapes, lines, and text elements, with options to customize their appearance and create flowcharts, diagrams, and more.

Browse contents

Organize the canvas into pages and frames for better structure and easier navigation, allowing users to create multipage presentations or storyboards.

Stage custom camera

Place one or more camera widgets on the canvas to enable live video feeds of participants, fostering a more engaging and interactive remote collaboration experience.

Take notes

Add digital sticky notes to the canvas to capture ideas, tasks, or reminders, with customizable colors, fonts, and sizes.

React or comment

Break the ice with reactions or add comments.

Use with other meeting apps

Expand your reach and showcase your work by creating a PowerBoard and sharing the link with anyone, regardless of whether they use TIMU or not.

Experience the difference

Break free from organizational boundaries and unlock your collaboration potential. Request access today and experience the infinite possibilities of TIMU for cross-organizational communication.