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So, how are we different?

Unlike other tools, TIMU is one comprehensive and integrated project management tool. TIMU provides a flexible space for you, your team, or your business to transform your ideas into scalable results.

Modular & Scalable Projects

Each project includes modules such as tasks, files, discussions, and more! As your needs and project membership grow, choose from an array of permission-based modules to maximize your workflow, or add sub projects to extend your capabilities.

Flexible Visual Organization

TIMU allows you to decide how you want to consume your information. Choose from multiple display types: simple to-do lists, Kanban boards with task cards, and highly configurable grid views, to name a few!

Custom Task Management

Want to add custom statuses and additional fields to your tasks? In TIMU, tailoring your task layout to your needs is as simple as choosing from an array of easy-to-create fields.

Efficient Communication

Facilitate collaboration with chat, topic-driven discussions, or video hangouts for virtual meetings.

Documentation & File Storage

Organize and store business documents. Create filterable views for digital media assets, with custom meta-tags to document your project.

Real-time Updates & More...

Stay updated with team activity updates and custom notifications across devices. Sign up and explore all of TIMU's features!

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TIMU is mobile too!

In addition to accessing your projects on a Mac/PC via the Chrome browser, you can also use our mobile apps. Download the TIMU Messenger app from the Mobile Apple App Store, or Google Play for Android.