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The TIMU app environment has three primary elements - the top shell bar, the left-hand nav bar, and TIMU pop-up notifications.

Shell bar

The shell bar contains your network name, a quick link to invite people to your network, the TIMU global search feature, your Quick Events list, your recent notifications, and your profile drop-down.

Network name - This is the name of your TIMU network. You can belong to multiple networks, but it’s best if all members of your organization belong to the same network so that they can easily communicate and collaborate with one another.

“Invite” - This button will open the invitation dialog. From here, you can add new people to your TIMU teams by sending them an invitation email, or copying the invitation link shown in the dialog.

Global search - To quickly search across your entire TIMU network, type your search term into the bar and press Enter. Results are displayed by category.

Quick Events list - Click the calendar icon in the shell bar to view a chronological list of your events of the day. Selecting an event will take you to its details. Click “Go to Calendar” to open the TIMU calendar view.

Recent notifications - This drop-down contains your most recent notifications. Click any notification to go to the relevant location in your TIMU network. (e.g., clicking a chat notification will open the associated chat).

Profile menu - From within this menu, you can open your TIMU profile, log out of your account, and switch between TIMU networks.

Left-hand Nav

The left-hand navigation bar provides quick access to the TIMU home page, your chats, teams and workspaces, and the TIMU calendar.

Pop-up notifications

When something takes place in your TIMU network that might require your attention, a pop-up notifications will appear in the lower-right corner. Notifications can be triggered by chat messages, file uploads, upcoming events or event invitations, task assignments, and more. Clicking on a notification will take your to the relevant location in your TIMU network. (e.g., clicking a chat notification will open the associated chat). When you are invited to an event, you will be prompted to indicate whether you are attending the event. Click the attendance status you would like to set to dismiss the notification.