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Intro to TIMU Spaces

An introduction to TIMU Spaces and how to get started navigating and getting to your content, including a general FAQ.


Plan projects

Begin by inviting team members to a group in order to collaborate effectively.  Next, create spaces within the group to plan and manage projects. Utilize feeds, file-sharing, and task lists to coordinate tasks within each space.


Meet your team

With TIMU Spaces, users can schedule events and video meetings with transcription using the built-in calendar feature. Invite attendees to join, share files directly in the events file library, and keep the conversation going with the chat feature within the event.


Connect & chat

The chat feature in TIMU Spaces allows for seamless, real-time communication and collaboration. Users can create group chats for team members or direct message individuals, share files using the integrated library, and make video calls for efficient communication


Share files

Create or upload your content directly in TIMU Spaces. Organize in folders. Seamless share files across Spaces, Events, and Chats, allowing users to collaborate in real-time effortlessly. For added convenience, TIMU Spaces also integrates with popular cloud file services like Google Drive, Microsoft 365 and Dropbox.


Manage permissions

Maintain control over access and permissions, keeping your team organized and productive. With just a few clicks, you can manage roles, add or remove members, and ensure your team has the right level of permissions to work effectively.