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Team creation

To create a new TIMU Team, go to the Teams app and click the “Join or Create Teams” button at the bottom of the Teams list, then click the “New Team” button.

You will be prompted as to whether you want to start a new Team, or add a new Workspace to an existing Team. Select “Start a New Team”.

Select whether you would like your new Team to be private or public. Private Teams are visible only to their members, and users in your network must be invited to join a private Team. Public Teams are visible to everyone in your network, and can be joined through the “Join or Create Teams” page. If you don’t know what to choose, we recommend creating a private Team. You can always make your Team public later if you want to open it up to everyone in your network.

You will then be prompted for a Team name. Your Team name must be unique within your network. You might also want to add a Team photo, which will appear alongside your Team’s name elsewhere in your TIMU network, and will help users quickly identify your Team. To add a Team photo, click the camera icon or the “Add a Photo” button. When you’ve finished, click “Create” to finalize your Team. You will be taken automatically to the Posts module of the General workspace within your new Team.