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Group creation

You can create a new group from the spaces tab when you are creating a space, or from within the chat tab if you would like to use the group only for chatting.

You will then be prompted for a group name. Your group name must be unique within your network. You might also want to add a group photo, which will appear alongside your group's name elsewhere in your TIMU network, and will help users quickly identify your group. To add a group photo, click the camera icon or the “Add a Photo” button. When you’ve finished, click “Create” to finalize your group.

When creating a group, you will be prompted to select whether the group can be discovered by anyone in your organization. This option is great for when you want to have discussions or projects within your organization that anyone can join.

You will also be prompted to select whether anyone with a link to the group may join it. If you do not select this option, people will need to request access to the group and be approved before they can join, unless they are  invited to an event or to the group by a member of the team.