Navigation bars

Take a minute to explore the user interface accessible on every screen in TIMU Spaces.

Top bar

The top bar features your network name, an invite shortcut, global search functionality for TIMU Spaces, your Daily Events snapshot, recent notifications, and the versatile profile menu.

Invite shortcut

Click this button to access the user-friendly invitation dialog, allowing you to effortlessly expand your TIMU Groups. Send personalized invitation emails or share the unique invitation link with prospective members.

Global search

Find information quickly by entering keywords into the designated search field and pressing Enter. Results are thoughtfully organized by category, streamlining the process of locating relevant data.

Daily events snapshot

Stay informed about your day's agenda by clicking the calendar icon in the top bar. This reveals a chronological summary of your events, with individual items clickable for more details. To explore the complete TIMU Spaces calendar view, select "Go to Calendar."

Recent notifications

Housed within a drop-down menu, your latest notifications are easily accessible. Click a notification to navigate directly to the corresponding area in your TIMU network (e.g., a chat notification opens the related chat).

Profile menu

This all-in-one menu grants access to your TIMU account profile, log out options, and network switching capabilities. The Profile Menu also includes a Settings section, where you can update your avatar, email address, name, and fine-tune your notification preferences.

Left-hand sidebar

The left-hand sidebar bar provides quick access to the TIMU Spaces home page, your chats, to-dos, spaces and groups, files and the TIMU calendar.