When you sign up for TIMU Spaces, we recognize that there are different types of users with different needs. To make sure you get the best experience possible, we place you in a network that's most relevant to you.

Sign up with a personal email address

If you sign up with a personal email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo, you'll be placed in a personal network. This network is designed for individual users who want to use TIMU Spaces to manage their personal projects, connect with friends and family, or collaborate with a small group of people.

Sign up with a company email address

On the other hand, if you sign up with your work email, such as, you'll be placed in your company's network. This network is designed for teams and organizations who want to use TIMU to manage projects, communicate and collaborate with colleagues, and streamline workflows.

Keep in mind the following points regarding placement

Being placed in the right network is important because it helps you to collaborate with the right people in an appropriate environment.

For example, if you're a project manager working on a project with your team, being placed in your company's network means that you can collaborate with your team members in a secure and private environment, while also being able to access company-wide resources such as templates, policies, and guidelines.

Overall, our goal is to make sure that you get the best experience possible with TIMU Spaces, and that starts with placing you in the right network.