Work with Groups

TIMU networks are organized into groups, and further broken down into spaces.


A TIMU group is a collection of people who work together on something. A group can represent a department, a large project, a club, a committee, or even your entire organization. It's up to you and your organization how you want to set up your groups.You can manage a group's membership from the option menu next to the group in the navigation area or from the settings page available via your account menu.


A space is where your groups collaborate, share files, plan, and get work done. Each group can have multiple spaces to help you organize multiple projects. Every space is automatically made available to all members of the group it belongs to. Each space has three tabs: Feed, Files, Plans.


The Feed is a centralized hub for members of your space to post announcements, get feedback, stay up-to-date on what's happening within the space, and track activities such as file uploads. Similar to a group chat, you can type comments and replies, attach files, react to individual messages with emojis, and tag other space members using the @mention feature. Notifications about replies to a post will only be sent to the people involved in the post. To ensure someone else sees your post, @mention them, and they will receive a notification that directs them to the chat.


Each space has its own file library accessible only to members of that space. All files attached anywhere in the space appear here, including post attachments, attachments to event comments, and attachments to task comments. The Files section allows you to view previous versions of a file, comment on files, and share files with people outside of Timu through shared links.


The Plans section lets you create named lists, with each list containing one or more cards or tasks. Each card allows you to select the people responsible for the activity, add due dates, labels (against which you can run filters), images, attached files, and provide comments. You can also set due dates and mark tasks as complete when done. Lists' positions can be changed, and cards within a list can be moved within the list or to other lists. This feature enables effective task management, project planning, and progress tracking.

Cross-organizational collaboration

TIMU Spaces works seamlessly for people within a company and also enables simple integration of people from different companies while maintaining security and integrity.

You can add people to a group from your own company, as well as from other companies. You are not charged for people who join your group from other companies.

This feature makes TIMU Spaces an ideal platform for fostering collaboration and communication within and beyond company borders.

Experience the seamless integration of TIMU Spaces and discover how our innovative platform can revolutionize the way you work with people from different organizations. Start collaborating today with TIMU Spaces and unlock the full potential of cross-organizational communication.