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The TIMU home page provides a host of quick links to get you where you need to go.

Recent Chats

These are the most recent private chats in your history. Click on a chat to open it, or click “Invite to chat” to start a chat with other people in your organization.

See: Chat

Recent Workspaces

The workspaces you have visited most recently appear here. Selecting a workspace will take you directly to that workspace’s Posts module. You can also create a brand new workspace (in a new or existing team) by clicking the “New Workspace” button. Clicking “Show More” will take you to the Teams and Workspaces list.

See: Teams and Workspaces

Updates / History

The updates and history panel shows your recent notifications and the history of recent places you’ve been in your TIMU network, depending on which tab is selected.

In the updates tab, you’ll see the same notifications that appear in the bell dropdown on the TIMU shell bar. Clicking on a notification will take you to the relevant location in your TIMU network. To view additional notifications, click “Show More”.

Under the history tab, you will find the resources in your TIMU network you have visited most recently, allowing you to quickly return to what you were working on last. Click “Show More” to view a longer list of your recent TIMU history.

You Can Also… Sidebar

“Start a Team” - Click to launch the Team creator. Teams are ways of organizing people and workspaces in your organization.

See: Team Creation

“Join a Team” - Click to view a list of public Teams in your network. Public teams are open to anyone in your organization.

“Get the TIMU Android App” - This link will take you directly to the Google Play Store page for the free TIMU Android app, where you can then download the app to one of your connected Android devices. Alternatively, you can open the Google Play app on your Android device, and search for “TIMU”.

“Get the TIMU iOS App” - This link will take you directly to the App Store page for the free TIMU iOS app. Alternatively, you can open the App Store app on your iOS device, and search for “TIMU”.

“Support Questions?” - Click to visit the TIMU support site, where you will find documentation on TIMU features, FAQs, and other resources for answering questions you might have about TIMU.