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Inviting people

To invite someone to one of your TIMU Teams, click the “Invite” button in the Manage Team Membership dialog, or the “Invite” button on the TIMU shell bar at the top of the screen.

If you want to add someone to your team who is already a member of your TIMU network, click “Add from Network”. You will be prompted to select new members from a list of users in your network.

If you want to add someone who is not a member of your TIMU network, click “Invite new people via email” and follow the prompt to enter email addresses. This will send invitation emails to the recipients, allowing them to create TIMU accounts (if necessary) and join your network. Once they have joined your network, they will automatically be added to the Team you invited them to.

Alternatively, you can select “Share invite link”. This option works whether the user is already in your network or not. The invitation link will take them through whatever steps are necessary to get them access to your Team (account creation, joining your network, etc.). This option works best if you need to invite a large number of people, or if you don’t know the email addresses of everyone you want to invite.