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Plan board

The Plan module is a powerful way to manage the status of work being done in your Workspace. Here you can track tasks, goals, ideas, or other items related to the progress of your project.

Plans are comprised of cards and lists. Cards are individual items you want to track. For example, you might want to track the tasks that must be completed to finish your project. You can create a card for each of those tasks, and assign each card to the people best suited to work on it. Lists are categories of cards laid out in columns to help you visualize the current status of your project. These categories can be anything you want them to be - some teams use lists to visualize their workflow, while others give a column to each team member.

Cards have a number of default fields relevant to nearly all projects, plus a set of additional fields that can be enabled for any card. All cards start with a title, a field for adding people to the card as members, a description field, and a section for comments. Cards also support labels, due dates, cover photos, and checklists. These optional fields can be added to the card by selecting them from the list on the right-hand side of the card detail view.

Creating a new card is as simple as clicking on the ‘+’ button at the top of any list and typing a title for the new card. Once the card has been created in the list, you can reposition it within the list, drag it between lists, or click it to open its details

Plans support robust filtering. To turn on filters, click the ‘Filters’ button at the top of your plan. This will open the filter panel. Plan filters support keyword filtering for card titles, filtering using a due date range, and filtering against labels and card members.

Each plan has its own set of labels that can be assigned to cards in that plan. To manage the labels associated with your plan, click the ‘…’ button at the top of your plan and select ‘Manage Labels’. In addition to their text value, each label can be assigned a color. Your plan’s labels can also be managed from within a card’s detail view by clicking inside the Labels field and selecting ‘Manage Labels’ from the dropdown

Cards can be removed from a plan by opening the card’s context menu and selecting ‘Delete’. This will remove the card from its list. Deleted cards can viewed by selecting the ‘…’ button at the top of your plan, and selecting ‘View Removed Items’. This will open the removed items panel on the right-hand side, where you can see all removed cards and choose to either restore them by moving them into a list, or permanently delete them.

Similarly, lists can be deleted. This will also mark all cards within the list as deleted. While the deleted cards can be recovered by opening the removed items list, note that the list itself cannot be recovered.