Schedule events in calendar

Calendar in TIMU Spaces is the ultimate tool for managing your time and collaborating with colleagues both within and outside of your organization. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the Calendar makes it simple to stay on top of your schedule and ensure that you never miss an important event.


Switch calendar views

The calendar displays all events that you have been invited to or have accepted invitations for, providing a comprehensive overview of your schedule in a convenient month-by-month layout. Week and day views are also available, allowing you to easily switch between different perspectives to suit your needs.


Click "new event" button to create

Creating new events is a breeze with the TIMU Calendar. Simply click the "New Event" button to create a private event, or double-click in the blank space within a day's cell to create an event at a specific time.


Access event options

Accessing existing events is just as easy - click on the event's name on the calendar to view its details and options, including the ability to edit or cancel the event if you are the owner.

Whether you're managing a busy schedule or collaborating with colleagues on a project, TIMU Calendar is the perfect tool to keep you on track and on top of your game. Try it today and discover the power of effortless organization and collaboration!