Create events

You have the choice of creating a regular event, or an event that is linked to a specific group.

Regular events

Regular events are created through the TIMU calendar app, and are not associated with a specific group.  You will be prompted to specify a name for the event, a list of attendees to send invitations to, a start and end time and date, a time zone, and to choose whether the event will recur. To make a recurring event, from the dropdown labeled “Never Repeat”, choose the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). On the recurrence details popup, specify when the event will recur and when the event series will terminate (if at all). You can also specify an event location and description.

Events linked to groups

TIMU's ability to link an event to a group is a powerful tool for organizing and promoting collaboration among team members. By linking an event to a group within TIMU, you can accomplish several important things.

First, when you invite someone to an event that is linked to a group, anyone who is not already a member of that group will be automatically added. This means that your team members can easily stay up-to-date with upcoming events and join in on the conversation without any extra effort.

Second, linking events to groups also allows everyone in the group to have access to the event. This can be especially useful in cases where you want to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has the opportunity to participate in the event. Even if you only invite a few people to the event, everyone in the group can still access and engage with the event.In addition to these benefits, TIMU's group events feature also ensures that any new members who are added to the group will automatically have access to all past and future events linked to the group. This makes it easy for new team members to get up to speed quickly and to feel like part of the team.

Video call options

TIMU's event features include the ability to choose between in-person, video call, or recorded video call formats. This allows you to tailor the event to your specific needs and preferences, whether it be an in-person gathering or a virtual meeting.

Transcribed events

If you choose to host a recorded video call event,TIMU's transcription feature is truly a game-changer. During the event, TIMU will automatically transcribe the conversation and make it available for you to view and search afterwards. This feature is especially helpful for individuals who were unable to attend the event in real-time, as it allows them to catch up on what they missed and stay informed.

One of the standout features of TIMU's transcription is its ability to sync the text with the video. This means that you can easily skip to specific parts of the video by clicking on the corresponding text, or vice versa. Additionally, if you skip ahead in the video, the text will remain in sync with the video, making it easy to follow along and stay engaged.

Overall, TIMU's event features, including the ability to choose between in-person, video call, or recorded video call formats, as well as the transcription feature, provide a seamless and efficient way to stay connected and informed, whether you're attending an event in person or remotely.