Video conference

TIMU Spaces video conferencing is a powerful platform that allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team members, clients, or any group of people in real-time. With support for desktop/web and mobile clients, this feature offers a variety of capabilities for an effective and efficient virtual meeting experience.

Using the Video Conferencing feature

To start a video conference in TIMU Spaces, follow these steps:
To join an event

When it's time for the event, participants can join the video conference using the link provided in the calendar event. Customize your settings, such as selecting the camera, microphone, and background, before joining the meeting. Utilize the various features and capabilities, such as screen sharing, built-in chat, and dial-in options, to ensure a productive and engaging meeting experience.

After an event ends

Remember that after the video conference, you can access the recorded event and its transcription in the chat section of the event. Use the synced video and transcript feature to review the content effectively, ensuring you don't miss any important details from the meeting.

Did you know? TIMU Video Conferencing is packed with features such as:

Enjoy your experience with TIMU Spaces Video Conferencing and make the most out of its robust features and capabilities to enhance your collaboration and communication within your team or organization.